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Michael Blower, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Genetics, Massachusetts General Hospital


Centromeric Transcription Regulates Aurora-B Localization and Activation.
Authors: Authors: Blower MD.
Cell Rep
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Xenopus tropicalis egg extracts provide insight into scaling of the mitotic spindle.
Authors: Authors: Brown KS, Blower MD, Maresca TJ, Grammer TC, Harland RM, Heald R.
J Cell Biol
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ESCRT-II controls retinal axon growth by regulating DCC receptor levels and local protein synthesis.
Authors: Authors: Konopacki FA, Wong HH, Dwivedy A, Bellon A, Blower MD, Holt CE.
Open Biol
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Drosophila CENP-A mutations cause a BubR1-dependent early mitotic delay without normal localization of kinetochore components.
Authors: Authors: Blower MD, Daigle T, Kaufman T, Karpen GH.
PLoS Genet
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The MAP kinase pathway coordinates crossover designation with disassembly of synaptonemal complex proteins during meiosis.
Authors: Authors: Nadarajan S, Mohideen F, Tzur YB, Ferrandiz N, Crawley O, Montoya A, Faull P, Snijders AP, Cutillas PR, Jambhekar A, Blower MD, Martinez-Perez E, Harper JW, Colaiacovo MP.
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Mislocalization of the Drosophila centromere-specific histone CID promotes formation of functional ectopic kinetochores.
Authors: Authors: Heun P, Erhardt S, Blower MD, Weiss S, Skora AD, Karpen GH.
Dev Cell
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Identification and Characterization of Mitotic Spindle-Localized Transcripts.
Authors: Authors: Emerman AB, Jambhekar A, Blower MD.
Methods Mol Biol
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A Rae1-containing ribonucleoprotein complex is required for mitotic spindle assembly.
Authors: Authors: Blower MD, Nachury M, Heald R, Weis K.
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The endoplasmic reticulum: structure, function and response to cellular signaling.
Authors: Authors: Schwarz DS, Blower MD.
Cell Mol Life Sci
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Acf1 confers unique activities to ACF/CHRAC and promotes the formation rather than disruption of chromatin in vivo.
Authors: Authors: Fyodorov DV, Blower MD, Karpen GH, Kadonaga JT.
Genes Dev
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