Welcome to Genetics at Harvard Medical School

Reflecting the breadth of the field itself, the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School houses a faculty working on diverse problems, using a variety of approaches and model organisms, and having a unified focus on the genome as an organizing principle for understanding biological phenomena.

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Michael J. Mina, Tomasz Kula, Yumei Leng, Mamie Li, Rory D. de Vries, Mikael Knip, Heli Siljander, Marian Rewers, David F. Choy, Mark S. Wilson, H. Benjamin Larman, Ashley N. Nelson, Diane E. Griffin, Rik L. de Swart, Stephen J. Elledge.

The Epigenetics and Gene Dynamics Initiative and Annual Symposium have become an integral part of the HMS epigenetics, chromatin and gene regulation communities, not only to bring investigators and labs closer together, but also to provide support in the form of seed and travel grants.