Computer Facility

The Computer Facility provides desktop, server, and specialized computer support for the Department of Genetics and other customers in the Longwood Medical Area. The Computer Facility utilizes and supports Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems on a wide variety of hardware.

Drosophila RNAi Screening Center

The Drosophila RNAi Screening Center (DRSC) facilitates genome-wide and related cell-based RNAi screening in Drosophila for researchers from around the world. Since its beginning in 2003, the DRSC has successfully guided HMS and visiting screeners through the process, including help with assay development and optimization, data and image analysis, and planning of follow-up assays. The DRSC provides screeners with the equipment and guidance needed for RNAi screening and a full-genome library of dsRNAs for RNAi knockdown or one of several specialized functional sub-libraries. Screens performed at the DRSC have resulted in an impressive number of publications on a wide range of topics in high-profile journals. More>>

HMS Biopolymers Facility

The HMS BioPolymers Facility (BPF) is a non-profit service center that offers cutting-edge technologies at little cost with a fast turnaround time. Many services are offered on a variety of platforms. The BPF also includes a stockroom program that makes popular products available at a discount with no shipping costs. The Biopolymers Facility is located in NRB 0087-0088More>>

MicRon - Microscope Resources on the North Quad

MicRoN Mission 

  • Provide dedicated microscopy expertise to advise, train and assist users.
  • Help users put the right microscope in their lives.
  • Provide technical support and basic maintenance of our microscopes.
  • Advice MBIB and Genetics departments of unmet microscopy needs.

MicRon Website can be found here.

Research Operations

Jene Etter is responsible for providing a full set of services including research support, building maintenance, shared equipment support, safety issues, emergency contact, key requests, after-hours access requests, and new equipment tagging. Kristen's office, NRB 330, is located in the business office. She can be reached by phone at 617-432-0591 or by email at