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Clifford J. Tabin, Ph.D.

George Jacob and Jacqueline Hazel Leder Professor of Genetics
Host evolution shapes gut microbiome composition in Astyanax mexicanus.
Authors: Authors: Riddle MR, Nguyen NK, Nave M, Peuß R, Maldonado E, Rohner N, Tabin CJ.
Ecol Evol
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Direct reprogramming of non-limb fibroblasts to cells with properties of limb progenitors.
Authors: Authors: Atsuta Y, Lee C, Rodrigues AR, Colle C, Tomizawa RR, Lujan EG, Tschopp P, Galan L, Zhu M, Gorham JM, Vannier JP, Seidman CE, Seidman JG, Ros MA, Pourquié O, Tabin CJ.
Dev Cell
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Homology and the evolution of vocal folds in the novel avian voice box.
Authors: Authors: Longtine C, Eliason CM, Mishkind D, Lee C, Chiappone M, Goller F, Love J, Kingsley EP, Clarke JA, Tabin CJ.
Curr Biol
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Genetic mapping of craniofacial traits in the Mexican tetra reveals loci associated with bite differences between cave and surface fish.
Authors: Authors: Powers AK, Hyacinthe C, Riddle MR, Kim YK, Amaismeier A, Thiel K, Martineau B, Ferrante E, Moran RL, McGaugh SE, Boggs TE, Gross JB, Tabin CJ.
BMC Ecol Evol
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In the Spotlight-Established Researcher.
Authors: Authors: Tabin C.
J Exp Zool B Mol Dev Evol
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The role of timing in the development and evolution of the limb.
Authors: Authors: Zhu M, Tabin CJ.
Front Cell Dev Biol
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Protein and lipid mass concentration measurement in tissues by stimulated Raman scattering microscopy.
Authors: Authors: Oh S, Lee C, Yang W, Li A, Mukherjee A, Basan M, Ran C, Yin W, Tabin CJ, Fu D, Xie XS, Kirschner MW.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
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Genetic mapping of metabolic traits in the blind Mexican cavefish reveals sex-dependent quantitative trait loci associated with cave adaptation.
Authors: Authors: Riddle MR, Aspiras A, Damen F, McGaugh S, Tabin JA, Tabin CJ.
BMC Ecol Evol
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In ovo electroporation of chicken limb bud ectoderm: Electroporation to chick limb ectoderm.
Authors: Authors: Tomizawa RR, Tabin CJ, Atsuta Y.
Dev Dyn
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A chromosome-level genome of Astyanax mexicanus surface fish for comparing population-specific genetic differences contributing to trait evolution.
Authors: Authors: Warren WC, Boggs TE, Borowsky R, Carlson BM, Ferrufino E, Gross JB, Hillier L, Hu Z, Keene AC, Kenzior A, Kowalko JE, Tomlinson C, Kremitzki M, Lemieux ME, Graves-Lindsay T, McGaugh SE, Miller JT, Mommersteeg MTM, Moran RL, Peuß R, Rice ES, Riddle MR, Sifuentes-Romero I, Stanhope BA, Tabin CJ, Thakur S, Yamamoto Y, Rohner N.
Nat Commun
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