Constance Cepko headshot
Constance Cepko, Ph.D.
Bullard Professor of Genetics and Neuroscience, Harvard Medical School
Professor of Ophthalmology, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
Thermal-plex: fluidic-free, rapid sequential multiplexed imaging with DNA-encoded thermal channels.
Authors: Authors: Hong F, Kishi JY, Delgado RN, Jeong J, Saka SK, Su H, Cepko CL, Yin P.
Nat Methods
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High temporal frequency light response in mouse retina is mediated by ON and OFF bipolar cells and requires FAT3 signaling.
Authors: Authors: Avilés EC, Wang SK, Patel S, Shi S, Lin L, Kefalov VJ, Goodrich LV, Cepko CL, Xue Y.
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Gene Therapies for Retinitis Pigmentosa that Target Glucose Metabolism.
Authors: Authors: Xue Y, Cepko CL.
Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med
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Chromophore supply modulates cone function and survival in retinitis pigmentosa mouse models.
Authors: Authors: Xue Y, Sun X, Wang SK, Collin GB, Kefalov VJ, Cepko CL.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
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Retinoic acid signaling mediates peripheral cone photoreceptor survival in a mouse model of retina degeneration.
Authors: Authors: Amamoto R, Wallick GK, Cepko CL.
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Mouse Lines with Cre-mediated Recombination in Retinal Amacrine Cells.
Authors: Authors: Aytürk DG, You W, Cepko CL.
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Spatiotemporal patterns of neuronal subtype genesis suggest hierarchical development of retinal diversity.
Authors: Authors: West ER, Lapan SW, Lee C, Kajderowicz KM, Li X, Cepko CL.
Cell Rep
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Targeting Microglia to Treat Degenerative Eye Diseases.
Authors: Authors: Wang SK, Cepko CL.
Front Immunol
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Development and diversification of bipolar interneurons in the mammalian retina.
Authors: Authors: West ER, Cepko CL.
Dev Biol
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Augmentation of CD47-SIRPa signaling protects cones in genetic models of retinal degeneration.
Authors: Authors: Wang SK, Xue Y, Cepko CL.
JCI Insight
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