George Church headshot
George Church, Ph.D.
Robert Winthrop Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School
Measuring absolute expression with microarrays with a calibrated reference sample and an extended signal intensity range.
Authors: Authors: Dudley AM, Aach J, Steffen MA, Church GM.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
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Predicting regulons and their cis-regulatory motifs by comparative genomics.
Authors: Authors: Manson McGuire A, Church GM.
Nucleic Acids Res
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Modeling gene expression with differential equations.
Authors: Authors: Chen T, He HL, Church GM.
Pac Symp Biocomput
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DNA sequencing with direct transfer electrophoresis and nonradioactive detection.
Authors: Authors: Richterich P, Church GM.
Methods Enzymol
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The Future of Multiplexed Eukaryotic Genome Engineering.
Authors: Authors: Thompson DB, Aboulhouda S, Hysolli E, Smith CJ, Wang S, Castanon O, Church GM.
ACS Chem Biol
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Efficient, footprint-free human iPSC genome editing by consolidation of Cas9/CRISPR and piggyBac technologies.
Authors: Authors: Wang G, Yang L, Grishin D, Rios X, Ye LY, Hu Y, Li K, Zhang D, Church GM, Pu WT.
Nat Protoc
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Comparison of Cas9 activators in multiple species.
Authors: Authors: Chavez A, Tuttle M, Pruitt BW, Ewen-Campen B, Chari R, Ter-Ovanesyan D, Haque SJ, Cecchi RJ, Kowal EJK, Buchthal J, Housden BE, Perrimon N, Collins JJ, Church G.
Nat Methods
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Safeguarding CRISPR-Cas9 gene drives in yeast.
Authors: Authors: DiCarlo JE, Chavez A, Dietz SL, Esvelt KM, Church GM.
Nat Biotechnol
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Improving microbial fitness in the mammalian gut by in vivo temporal functional metagenomics.
Authors: Authors: Yaung SJ, Deng L, Li N, Braff JL, Church GM, Bry L, Wang HH, Gerber GK.
Mol Syst Biol
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Improved cell-free RNA and protein synthesis system.
Authors: Authors: Li J, Gu L, Aach J, Church GM.
PLoS One
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