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Norbert Perrimon, Ph.D.
James Stillman Professor of Developmental Biology
Metabolic decisions in development and disease-a Keystone Symposia report.
Authors: Authors: Cable J, Pourquié O, Wellen KE, Finley LWS, Aulehla A, Gould AP, Teleman A, Tu WB, Garrett WS, Miguel-Aliaga I, Perrimon N, Hooper LV, Walhout AJM, Wei W, Alexandrov T, Erez A, Ralser M, Rabinowitz JD, Hemalatha A, Gutiérrez-Pérez P, Chandel NS, Rutter J, Locasale JW, Landoni JC, Christofk H.
Ann N Y Acad Sci
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Coordination of tumor growth and host wasting by tumor-derived Upd3.
Authors: Authors: Ding G, Xiang X, Hu Y, Xiao G, Chen Y, Binari R, Comjean A, Li J, Rushworth E, Fu Z, Mohr SE, Perrimon N, Song W.
Cell Rep
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TIMEOR: a web-based tool to uncover temporal regulatory mechanisms from multi-omics data.
Authors: Authors: Conard AM, Goodman N, Hu Y, Perrimon N, Singh R, Lawrence C, Larschan E.
Nucleic Acids Res
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What fuels the fly: Energy metabolism in Drosophila and its application to the study of obesity and diabetes.
Authors: Authors: Chatterjee N, Perrimon N.
Sci Adv
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Optimized CRISPR tools and site-directed transgenesis towards gene drive development in Culex quinquefasciatus mosquitoes.
Authors: Authors: Feng X, López Del Amo V, Mameli E, Lee M, Bishop AL, Perrimon N, Gantz VM.
Nat Commun
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mTORC1 promotes cell growth via m6A-dependent mRNA degradation.
Authors: Authors: Cho S, Lee G, Pickering BF, Jang C, Park JH, He L, Mathur L, Kim SS, Jung S, Tang HW, Monette S, Rabinowitz JD, Perrimon N, Jaffrey SR, Blenis J.
Mol Cell
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Proteomics of protein trafficking by in vivo tissue-specific labeling.
Authors: Authors: Droujinine IA, Meyer AS, Wang D, Udeshi ND, Hu Y, Rocco D, McMahon JA, Yang R, Guo J, Mu L, Carey DK, Svinkina T, Zeng R, Branon T, Tabatabai A, Bosch JA, Asara JM, Ting AY, Carr SA, McMahon AP, Perrimon N.
Nat Commun
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Methods and tools for spatial mapping of single-cell RNAseq clusters in Drosophila.
Authors: Authors: Mohr SE, Tattikota SG, Xu J, Zirin J, Hu Y, Perrimon N.
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mTORC1-chaperonin CCT signaling regulates m6A RNA methylation to suppress autophagy.
Authors: Authors: Tang HW, Weng JH, Lee WX, Hu Y, Gu L, Cho S, Lee G, Binari R, Li C, Cheng ME, Kim AR, Xu J, Shen Z, Xu C, Asara JM, Blenis J, Perrimon N.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
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Defining cell types and lineage in the Drosophila midgut using single cell transcriptomics.
Authors: Authors: Hung RJ, Li JSS, Liu Y, Perrimon N.
Curr Opin Insect Sci
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